This Is Pop? 4×33 (13.4.2020)

The Strokes – Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus
Billie Eilish – Ilomilo
Tungz – Can’t We Just Be Friends Again
Celaviedmai – Reckless
Troye Sivan – Take Yourself Home
Bearcubs – Do You Feel
Isolated Youth – Ict
Isabelle Brown – Work It All Out
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – She’s There
Ultraìsta – Ordinary Boy
Drake – Toosie Slide
Is Tropical – Calling Out
Trace Mountains – Rock and Roll
Febueder – When You Speak To Mingus
Alice Gray – Del Mar
Somni – One Last Time
Indian Queens – Shoot For Sexy
Biig Piig – Switch
Lime – Surf N Turf
Khushi – In Love with It All
Pj Harvey – The Wheel
Peter Hook & The Light – Love Will Tear Us Apart (live)
Nabihah Iqbal – Eden Piece
Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection