Magazine / Issue #18

Song of the Day: Black Honey – Believer

Shaping a spaghetti western universe out of squalling guitars, vivid colours and cinematic vignettes, there’s no other British band out there like Black Honey. Bursting out of the ether in 2014 with their debut track Spinning Wheel – a Pulp Fiction-flecked barrage of piercing screams and twanging surf-rock – they have continued to build their ownContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Black Honey – Believer”

Song of the Day: Ducks Ltd – As Big As All Outside

Propelled by a fondness for boundless jangle-pop, Toronto’s Ducks Ltd (formerly Ducks Unlimited, no association with the questionable waterfowl hunting nonprofit) is a duo that operates with the dynamism of a full band: Tom McGreevy (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Evan Lewis (guitar, bass, drum programming) met at a Dilly Dally show around the timeContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Ducks Ltd – As Big As All Outside”