Song of the Day: Epoque – Boss

With its unique musical proposal, Epoque faces the Italian record market and also the international one both thanks to a completely contemporary sound and thanks to the lyrics of the songs he writes in French, Italian and Lingala, the language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Janine Tshela Nzua, real name of the artist of Congolese origin, was born in Turin and grew up between Paris and Brussels, here’s how she describe the song: «I wanted to talk about all those girls and boys who grow up faster than others, leave school to work, sacrifice adolescence to become adults and take on greater responsibilities than themselves. Neighborhood life is not easy and in order to get out or survive, at times, wrong, hasty or ethically tormented choices are made and it is from that moment that dreams, passions, goals go away. In other cases this is not the case and there are many courageous young people fighting to earn enough money for a ‘normal’ life and to afford to be able to make the same choices as any other person.» Enjoy!