Song of the Day: Chet Faker – Whatever Tomorrow

Having resumed the Chet Faker project in October of last year after a 6-year hiatus, Nick Murphy returns with Hotel Surrender: a new work of 10 self-produced songs characterized by the elements that have allowed Chet Faker to conquer a large international fanbase. As the journey to Hotel Surrender continues, let yourself be carried away by Whatever Tomorrow. Murphy says: «I have different perspectives now. I thought about music in a whole new way, now I see it as mass therapy. I think I have always perceived it as a difficult situation, as if I were facing a creative odyssey. Now I have a more shamanic approach. You have to find the light, or the dark, whatever you think is appropriate, and share them. I understand that this is the true nature of the Chet Faker project. I perceived the suffering of the world and I thought that perhaps I could do something to restore some joy to these people.» Enjoy!