Song of the Day: Peach Baby – Velvet

Hailing from Malmo, at the southern tip of Sweden, Peach Baby first met more than 700km away – while completing a one-year course in ssongwriting at a folk high school in the city of Bollnäs. All singers and all with ideas of their own, Moa McAllister, Elenoor Rovers and Judith Stocks came together with a shared vision: to tap into classic indie rock blueprints and remould them in their own image, reimagining melodic, guitar-based songwriting and imbuing it with a punk aesthetic. 
«We were thinking about the concept of rock and who it belongs to,» says Stocks. «The idea was to try to make it our own. How do three different singers start a rock band? It began as there people playing together and became three leaders playing together.» With no clear frontperson, all three members sing on different tracks, which are written together. «In the beginning it was more about trying on new clothes every time, figuring out what kind of sound we were comfortable we were with,» relates Rovers, who singles out Haim’s intra-band democracy as a key influence. «Now, it’s about trying to rotate the responsibility between all three of us.» Enjoy!