Song of the Day: Alexandra Alden – Helium

Helium is the new single by Alexandra Alden, just as her spring in Rotterdam ends and our much anticipated Maltese summer is on the horizon. Helium is an invitation from Alden into the ramblings and ideas that float in her creative mind. It is about viewing the world from different perspectives, and of becoming aware of how we all sit in worlds within other worlds. Alden’s artistry always manages to marry the ephemeral with the personal, and ‘Helium’ sets the tone for even more new music which does more of this throughout the album. Situated between two homes herself, and having been isolated from travelling back and forth for a long time, Alexandra has embedded this within her creative process. The lyrics, the images and the creative collaborations which have developed with the album all speak of the intricately webbed life that the artist now lives, balancing between The Netherlands and Malta.

«I don’t know about you, but I, feel like I’m having a crisis» – These are the first words sung by Alexandra. This song speaks of a time when all your plans and ideas seem to dissipate into thin air and the mundanity of everyday life can become unbearably overwhelming. Written in the dampness of a rented attic, overlooking a vast cityscape, the song Helium came about in the midst of this very crisis. There was no option but to embrace the empty space in order to make something of it and perhaps, find the magic again. Alden’s vocals float effortlessly above with the nonchalant that can only be described as having accepted and made peace with one’s reality, though she still begs the question, «what comes next?» Enjoy!