Song of the Day: Porij – Nobody Scared

Manchester-based foursome Porij released this single. «I wrote the lyrics for Nobody Scared after watching a documentary on Netflix about the Yorkshire Ripper,» singer and keyboard player Eggy explains. «It focused on the Reclaim the Night marches and it made me remember the feeling of fear when I used to walk home alone at night. The song is about recognising those feelings but addressing the fact that women and girls shouldn’t have to live their lives afraid. The line “nobody scared” is meant to be empowering and embody the Reclaim the Night Movement. It’s crazy that people force the narrative that women aren’t being careful when in reality they shouldn’t be in danger just because of their gender and no matter how many precautions they take it doesn’t seem to matter. Gender-based violence affects women from all countries, backgrounds and social statuses. The fact that 97% of women say they had been sexually harassed is astounding but sadly not a surprising statistic to those who have been through it.» Enjoy it!