Song of the Day: Lorenzo Pucci – Sono sempre in ritardo

Italian act Lorenzo Pucci released Sono sempre in ritardo, it represents just the quiet after the storm and the focal point of song is the awareness of one’s mistakes: some traits of our character come to us often reproached as defects, but it all lies in transforming negativity into constructive energy. Recognizing one’s weaknesses leads to being aware that, to transform them into points of strength, we need the help of people who love us. Lyrics are the most intimate and personal among those so far written by Lorenzo Pucci and the hope of not reaching irreparable consequences due to one’s own mistakes transpires from the words of the author. With a light melody and clean sound, thanks also to the predominant use of acoustic instruments, I’m always late was chosen for the album title as traits emerge characteristic of the entire authorial production in the context of the recording project. Enjoy!