Song of the Day: Macky – Hello, Who Is This?

Macky is a 19-year-old self-taught artist haling from both Arizona and Arkansas. His favorite Uncle was a soldier of the Luchese crime family in New York. In 2017 his best friend ‘nextime’ started making beats, originally producing/mixing all of Macky’s early work, this eventually lead to Macky learning production, posting beats on YouTube, (he still does) and starting July this year, releasing his own music. Macky is a self-described nostalgia-fiend, driven by the fond memories of the past and the hunger to create new moments for which to be nostalgic for in the coming years, the American artist combats self-pity, loneliness, and helplessness on every track and flips it to an eclectic, ecstasy-filled dream world of joy and lust for life.
On Hello, Who Is This? he creates an electrifying combination of indie pop, alternative R&B, and indie rock. Enjoy!