Song of the Day: Tusks – Fall In To You

Among the best promises of British electro-indie, Tusks is ready to return with Change, the new ep coming on November 5th, a new artistic direction for the British artist and producer who experiments with new sound horizons rich in electronics and transcendental atmospheres. Change consists of three masterfully packaged songs, to which are added the instrumental counterparts, deeply exploratory and sentimental, between synth-pop and infinite soundscapes. An exercise in style for the refined artist who shows once again her continuous and innovative evolution. Here’s what she says about the song: «Change came about while I was writing my third album. The tracks seemed to have a different feel to them compared to the rest of the stuff I was writing and so I wanted a separate platform to showcase them on. I ended up producing this EP at my studio over the third lockdown. It’s the first solely self-produced release I’ve done since my first EP in 2014 and was such a cathartic and personal process – for a number of reasons but also because being in the studio is one of the only times I find myself alone these days because of the pandemic. Musically, it was hugely influenced by my growing interest in synths and electronic music which I’ve been learning and focusing on a lot over the last couple of years.» Enjoy Fall In To You!