Song of the Day: Aem – Present Tense

Aem is a serial songwriter and making it her mission to be heard in 2021. With a long-standing presence in the industry she took some time off from writing what is “supposed to fit” in the box outlined by genre and instead switched to writing and producing songs whichever way they naturally go. Chasing two rabbits for a short time Aem begun moving away from her former genre of Country and namesake Amy Metcalfe and began focusing on new endeavors. In the country music scene Amy received many nominations for her music as well as had a top 50 billboard song, that was later put on hold by Reba McEntire. After putting focus in other genres, it was evident that her skills were meant for a new home in pop-alt. The road to get there is seen in her new Docu-series Journey to Now on YouTube. Enjoy Present Tense!