Song of the Day: Yhu Kira – Oublier

Yuran Obam known as Yhu Kira, is a painter, author, singer and performer, born in 1996 in Libreville in Gabon. Passionate about writing since always, he grew up in the city of PortGentil in Gabon and then came to live in France for his studies. In January 2016 he left for a two year exchange program near Frankfurt, then 19 years old, he reconnected with his love for art, a passion that he had to abandon when he was younger, because his father did not see a future for him in this field, and pushed him to follow a classical school course. When he arrived in Belgium, he reconnected with his passion for writing, with Congolese rumba, Caribbean music, traditional Gabonese rhythms and started to play music. In 2018 he released a first project on his networks, then returns in 2020 with three new singles Seul, Tout est Noir and Ciel released in 2020. His visual universe is constantly changing, adapting to his evolution, mixing fashion, staging and Afro-futurism. Here’s Oublier, enjoy!