Song of the Day: Dimitri von Büren – Little Boy

Dimitri von Büren is a multi-instrumentist Paris-based artist. He dropped his first song Moonlight Confession in November 2018. This marked Dimitri’s first self-produced effort, «inspired by all the chill pop/bedroom pop moods,» that have been on his radar lately. The good success of this first release paved the way for new songs, Days of Dream in June 2019, and Shining Bright in October 2019 and Eternal Love in June 2020 and Children of the Stars in October 2020 alongside with a music video clip. «I’ve recently been impressed by the emergence of the bedroom pop scene, providing many artists, recording songs of quality at home and broadcasting it from their room to large worldwide audiences through the social media,» he says. «As what I love the most about music is writing my own songs and expressing my feelings through it, I decided to take my chance and started to write and record new songs on my own at home. This gives me important freedom of choice in the sounds and instruments I use, as I’m singing, and also playing the guitar, bass, and synth.» Enjoy Little Boy!