Song of the Day: Alchemy 3 – Trust In The Process

Alchemy is a «a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination» and the three alchemical principles of this band are sulphur, mercury & salt and the magic & chemistry happened during lockdown 2020. The Salt represents the Body of a thing. It is the receptacle for the energies of Mercury and Sulfur. This neutral energy resides in the salts of the material you work with in the lab, both soluble and insoluble. Salt contains the elements Water and Earth. The receiving of the influences of the Soul which are transmitted through the spirit occurs through the element Water. The Sulfur is the Male, active energy of the universe. For us it represents the Soul. It resides in the essential oils of the material you work with in the lab. The Mercury is the passive, Female energy of the universe. It unites with the Sulfur to produce a Manifestation, whatever that may be (whatever you are trying to create). This energy resides in the alcohol of the material you work with. In order for the energies of Life to transmit their influence into matter, Mercury is needed: It contains the Air of Life and the Water of Matter .The aim of alchemy is both spiritual and physical, we have made balance, and in that made music. Enjoy Trust In The Process!