Song of the Day: Inude – Noisy Floor, Silent Room

Inude are an electronic trio born in Puglia in 2014. Inude is the profound union of the three musical souls of Flavio, Francesco and Giacomo who have given life to warm electronics, with soulful and romantic tones. In 2016 they released their first Ep Love Is In the Eyes Of the Animals and started a European and Italian tour of over 80 dates in the best Italian clubs and festivals, sharing the stages with artists of great national and international importance. In 2019 they publish for Oyez! their first LP entitled Clara Tesla. A mature album that immediately conquered critics and projected them in an international dimension. In 2020 they enter the roster of the Factory Flaws label and release We Share and Ballad, the new singles that anticipate the next album. Inude are confirmed as one of the most inspired and exportable Italian realities and continue to refine their sound in the most intimate and personal way, creating new tracks with a strong international flavor, between pop soul and electronics. Intense and refined songs, engaging and emotional, it is pop without being taken for granted, it is research and evolution. Enjoy the gorgeous Noisy Floor, Silent Room!