Song of the Day: SnoopLog – Lost in Transition (feat. Théo Perek)

The Rennes duo ventures into electro, jazz, trip-hop and more generally abstract hip-hop. With a certain flair and a precise sense of production and aesthetics, he then rewires all these influences in his machines to produce loops in perpetual mutation. In the wake of Abstrakt Keal Agram, SnoopLog relaunches exploration of this composite and fascinating universe. On Lost In Transition, SnoopLog invites Théo Perek to pose his unique and ethereal voice. A singular production between abstract hip-hop, jazz and electro, a cosmic sound at the crossroads of the universes of Amon Tobin and Bonobo, the voice of Théo Perek follows in the footsteps of Thom Yorke. Enjoy Lost In Transition!