Song of the Day: Damon Albarn – Polaris

The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows had initially been inspired by an orchestral work of Icelandic landscapes. Last year, during the lockdown, Damon Albarn got closer to music, giving life to 11 tracks that explore themes such as fragility, loss, birth and rebirth. The result is a collection of songs in which Albarn presents himself as a storyteller. The album takes its title from Love and Memory, a poem by John Clare. In a career already devoted to continuous exploration, with this new work Albarn goes further: orchestral arrangements intertwine with intimate melodies in a discord that borders on majesty, and all accompanied by some of his most extraordinary vocal performances ever. Much like the beauty and chaos of the natural world it scores with, The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows lucidly documents the emotional flow of the human condition in all its extremes. Here’s a live performance of Polaris from this great album, enjoy it!