Song of the Day: Cesare Cremonini – Colibrì

Colibrì once again confirms the artistic freedom and quality of the music of Cesare Cremonini, an artist who likes to move within that very personal range of action that allows him to take the rules, learn them and then bend them to his own inspiration, in a continuous challenge to the song form. The image of the hummingbird, which in many cultures represents love for life, courage and perseverance, accompanies the voice of Cesare in the song, creating verses that describe a girl, a symbol of virginity and rediscovered purity, who reaches a metropolis of the present driven by its flight. «Colibrì speaks of the adversity of a prophecy,» says Cesare. «In this sense, for me, it is a science fiction work more than a song about current events, a musical experience linked to the entire album, more than a simple hit. It expresses itself with a polite and imaginative language because it is in the gentleness of the poem that I identify my idea of ​​the future. For this reason I have chosen Colibrì as the entrance door to the new project. My first page of a journey into tomorrow that begins today. In the song I don’t explain what happened as a reporter would do, but what I felt was imminent. I interpret the feeling that sees us all waiting for something, for a stroke of luck. The mystery of creation, sacred and inexplicable to me, is the only answer that can be given to the overwhelming power of machines and technology. During the worst months of the pandemic, I felt deeply that music today has a very specific and more important role. The cover image of La ragazza del futuro represents for me a new concept of man and nature. It is in childhood, in the ability of the youngest to see a new world, in the purity of the feelings expressed in nature, that I found the inspiration for the whole new project.» Enjoy this beautiful tune!