Song of the Day: Nu Genea – Marechià

After three years the music of Nu Genea is finally back: their new single Marechià anticipates the new recording project to be released soon for NG Records under license from Carosello Records. Nu Genea is the artistic project of Neapolitan musicians / DJs – based in Berlin – Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina. The inspiration of their artistic path comes from a historiographical investigation on dance music since its dawn: following the musical routes of the world, Nu Genea have sought the sonorous echoes that, over the centuries, have touched the coasts of Naples, their city native and inexhaustible source of cultural sensitivity. Their meticulous research stands out for exploring unknown territories, finding music from the past and the most remote places on earth, to elaborate it in an original groovy equation completely pervaded by disco, funk, electronic, folk and much more. Also in Marechià, with the collaboration of the French artist Célia Kameni who lends the voice to the song, the influence of the peoples who have touched Naples is very clear: in this specific piece it is precisely the French influence that gives it a well-defined connotation. precise. The influence of the French language on Neapolitan has very ancient origins that we still find today in the Neapolitan vocabulary thanks to dialectal terms that come precisely from the French language. Enjoy one of the best tunes of this year!