Song of the Day: Kaze – Come fa

Come fa, the new single by the talented young Afro-Italian singer-songwriter Kaze, is released on the radio and on all digital platforms on Friday 21 January. The release comes a few months after the release of the songs Lasciami and Non c’è spazio per le foto, both contained in the debut project Ailleurs, with which the artist, shortly after joining the Island roster Records, has inaugurated its new musical path. Come fa is a sophisticated song, with strong soulful sounds, characterized by an extremely introspective and personal text, but which at the same time expresses what most of us, at least once, have experienced in the face of difficulties and uncertainties of life. In fact, Kaze‘s is almost an outlet, a stream of consciousness in which she retraces the moments in which she felt lost and preferred to disappear, in which she had to grit her teeth and fight not to be overwhelmed by fears and paranoia. Enjoy the tune!