Song of the Day: Estella Dawn – Salt

When you feel like you’ve hit your own personal rock bot-tom, when you’re frustrated with the world, with yourself, with everybody around you, when it’s hard to feel positive because it feels like life is throw-ing punch after punch at you and you don’t feel like you have the strength to take it. In the words of artist Estella Dawn, «sometimes you just need to let tears flow and cleanse the things that you can’t control.» Dawn has strong views about the world and isn’t afraid to share them through her engaging, candid music. «I’ve always seen my internal dark-ness as wolves, I’m either part of the pack, or on the run from the parts of myself that scare me. But no matter which side I’m on, they’re always there. When the pack is descending and my mind starts spiraling it feels like all I can do is keep my head down and set one foot in front of the other, just getting through the day in hope of a better tomorrow.» Enjoy the tune!