Song of the Day: Cuarto Mundo – La Cumbia del Tarot

Cuarto Mundo is an exotic electronic music duo consisting of Thomas Lavernhe and Cosmo Gonik. It is inspired by traditional and primitive sounds of the world and aims to make people travel to the mysterious roots of sound. Cuarto Mundo means Fourth World, the name of the indigenous people of the world. Cosmo Gonik is a multidisciplinary artist born in Santiago, Chile. He lives in France since 2002. In 2015 he took over the artistic direction of the Parisian club La Mano and started a crazy career as a Dj. He mixed in Europe, United States, India, Bali and Chile. In 2018 he became the tour DJ of the band Arcade Fire.
Thomas Lavernhe is a French composer, producer and DJ. He composes and produces for
different artists, he set up the band KarmaStone then released a first album under the name
Pampa Folks in 2018. He is also associated with different fashion houses with whom he creates the soundtrack of fashion shows. In parallel, he composes numerous sound identities for brands. He has also been DJing at the Bus Palladium, La Mano and many other clubs for a few years.
La Cumbia Del Tarot is a new psychedelic track by Cuarto Mundo. The song is a tribute to The Holy Mountain, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult film. The duo Cuarto Mundo invited Adan Jodorowsky – the director’s son and famous musician – to record vocals on the track.
It’s a mystical and dance-provoking journey, built around exotic instruments and live percussion. The long version (La Psyche Cumbia del Tarot) speeds up to an electronic trance masterfully crafted for the best nightclub floors. Enjoy La Cumbia Del Tarot!