Song of the Day: Da Chick – Funk You Want

You already feel like dancing again right? Who didn’t stop dancing – maybe because she had a mirror ball over the dance floor permanently in her mind – was Da Chick. For around 5 minutes before the world closed – more precisely on February 28th 2020 – the singer, songwriter and producer, condensed a couple of years of adventure, including her travels through Los Angeles, onto the intimate ‘conversations with the beat’, a discreetly ambitious album on which Da Chick assumes, through the microphone, that she works like few others, the production, the guitar and various other tools. ‘conversations with the beat’ was, more than ever, a conversation with herself, introspective but confident, of balance, with a more jazzy edge. Fast forward to 2022, many masks since, there is once again a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not of a train that’s coming in our direction, but more of a party that has continued in our collective dreams. The soundtrack? Da Chick, of course. And what do we all need now? Funk, obviously. Not funk in the strictly musical sense of the term, that sinuous groovy music that any pair of feet can’t resist, though this too is also sorely missed by the world, but funk in the most spiritual sense of the word, that music that is made of communal surrender and that is also part of the community where you dance: in the neighborhood, at a street party, on the dance floor, in the living room. It’s time for us to all put our arms up in the air and let go and, as Da Chick sings, “if this that funk you want, then this that funk you’ll get”. Simple, right? It is the first sign of a broader project that Da Chick wants to offer the world in 2022, a project that promises to be full of surprises and that will arrive, as always, with the Discotexas seal of quality: the new album will be titled Good Company and will celebrate the strength of communities, of friends tuned to the same groove, those whose soul – Soul!! – vibrates at the same frequency. Enjoy Funk You Want!