Song of the Day: Magon – Halley’s Comet

Only 6 months after unveiling In The Blue (Howlin’ Banana / December Square), Magon surprises us again with a fourth album that will not fail to fit into our favorite plays. At Night In Bethlehem (T. Rex Recordings / Modulor), marks a certain homage to the origins of the artist while drawing the outline of a new universe with colors and sounds as always mystical: the gaze this time is explicitly turned towards the stars, towards this feeling of discovery of the unknown as the album cover, on which appears the engraving of Flammarion (1888), illustrates as well. Magon seems to expand yet another time its register with a journey that keeps in mind the same psychedelia that characterizes it. With this last album, the ten tracks leave more room for instrumental evolutions drawn from a sci-fi world, while giving a central place to the words, which carry us away with their stories. Enjoy Halley’s Comet!