Song of the Day: Slenderbodies – Husky Brown

The “indie pop duo obsessed with falsetto” released a gorgeous tune, it’s called Husky Brown and here’s how they presented it: “This song is ultimately about self confidence being achieved through superficial means. it’s an odd take on self love and feeling yourself. All we really have are the little moments, and this is at the core of the themes of escapism, joy, frustration and emotional coping that are at the core of this record,” said Slenderbodies. “The new album explores a theme of lack of authenticity through representing ourselves online. Our first single, Plastic Parts was the genesis of this, and is further explored through the concept of the mannequins in our visual content. Beyond that initial theme, we explore themes of staying present as a means to deal with difficult things in the world, and paying attention to the role that music plays in our lives to let us escape into another world. overall theme of looking for contentment and consistent comfort over explosive fleeting joys.” Enjoy it!