Song of the Day: Jasmyn – Edge of Time

Jasmyn is the new solo project of former singer-songwriter and frontwoman of the critically acclaimed Toronto band Weaves, and In The Wild is a clean slate of a debut album which breaks away from old patterns and begins anew. Coming out on June 3, Jasmyn worked with Grammy award-winning producer John Congleton on the record to create a sonic universe that reflected the ebbs and flows of a transitional chapter, where she could be free to create whatever felt right in that moment.

“I feel like while we exist there are a series of choices that one makes to get them to the next point in their lives,” Jasmyn says of the themes behind today’s kaleidoscopic new track Edge of Time, where pulsating electronic rhythms guide a musing on regret and endurance. 

“Maybe you move forward and try something new or maybe you stay put and are feeling stuck,” she continues. For me this song is about walking through one’s fears in hopes of experiencing a new way of being and seeing the world. It’s the push and pull dynamic of changing and evolving, and how we sometimes can feel sorrow when shedding the old version of ourselves.” Enjoy the tune!