Song of the Day: Richard Orofino – Bending

Richard Orofino, a Brooklyn-based singer songwriter/producer, in possession of a broad palette of musical skills and boundless inspiration. He began writing and producing music in 2013, starting on piano, moving to drums and later guitar, all while honing his production skills crafting hundreds of bedroom pop gems from the attic of his parent’s house on Long Island, NY. The evolution of his songwriting and vocal style resulted in 2019’s excellent “Bella Notte,” produced with Francois Tetaz (Goyte). His debut set forth an artistic vision and sound template that, while unique in the pop landscape, incorporates diverse influences including Sade, Elliott Smith, New Order & Cocteau Twins. The evolution continued with the 2020’s self-produced “SPELL” which combines all these elements into a beautiful blend that will be familiar to all his fans – past, present and future. 2021’s “Chimaera” EP also self-produced exhibits a more organic acoustic feel and featured stand-out tracks “Fake Me” and “Wanna Say”. Inseparable love, painful romance and beauty within darkness are frequent themes in Richard Orofino’s world. He draws inspiration from varied media including the works of David Lynch. “The drama and beauty blended with the dark and haunting imagery seems to create a unique and addicting universe that feels like home but a dream.” Enjoy Bending!