Song of the Day: Dandy Guts – On S’

“Strong, elegantly, desperate and ironically subversive texts, in the spirit of time and the sincerity of Dandy Guts’ temperament. Texts set to music plunge into the obsessive universe of a disoriented human being, lost in a world factitious”. “A disenchanted universe of playful sarcasm”. Independent artist nourished by various musical currents, and, in particular, by those who cohabited, sometimes going as far as mixing towards the end of the 80s. singing is provocative, proud, cynical, sexy and often poetic. There is a lot of softness, freshness and many melodies remain in the head. His music is true, very personal and uncompromising, it does not look like something known but she moves her head, heart and body. It’s very sincere and you feel a real unity with its partners. Scenically, its presence is reinforced concrete. As for his voice, it has its lyricism, and the full, hard timbre: something tense, explosive. A strength. Dandy Guts, Dorian Gray cosmopolitan and mixed, modestly celebrates the dangerous rite of seduction. Enjoy the tune!