Song of the Day: Santigold – High Priestess

Always at the forefront of the challenge of innovation, the Philadelphia artist avoided sound conventions and challenged herself in writing and production, pushing her music into the future. Santigold‘s productions and the new single ‘High Priestess’ move with agility between hip-hop, dance, punk, alternative rock, wave and indie, always finding space in the playlists of the youngest, in the soundtracks of films and TV series and among the musical selections of the major radio networks. Here’s what the artist said about it: “I had started working on the rhythm of the new song, but I still didn’t know what the lyrics would be about, I just knew I wanted to make a punk rap song. My friend Ray Brady (producer of the song) and I started working on something, trying to add all the elements that made sense, synth, new wave and punk. Boys Noize ended up bringing something super cool that helped build and finish the piece. The energy we have created is the punk rock of the future.” Enjoy the tune!