Song of the Day: Muna – Anything But Me

Muna is a band in which music, lyrics and political stances in favor of the LGBTQ + community go hand in hand. W Magazine called them “a safe haven in an often hostile world.” Katie Gavin (she / they), Naomi McPherson (they / they) and Josette Maskin (she / they) met in college: what started out as jam sessions between friends produced two critically acclaimed studio albums, ‘About U ‘(2017) and’ Saves The World ‘(2019). Rolling Stone America called ‘Saves The World’ “emotionally intelligent” and NPR “intellectual as well as deeply emotional”. Now a new beginning has arrived for Muna with Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. Singer and songwriter Katie Gavin says the band’s relationship with Bridgers was born organically and that place on the label was part of their destiny. “We have a lot of respect for the way Phoebe Bridgers works at the head of the label. It’s amazing to have a queer person and a woman in that role.” Enjoy Anything But Me!