Song of the Day: Gamaar – Bomba

Gamaar is a project sung in Italian with a “dream rock” sound with a pulp vein.
Gabriella Diana, singer-songwriter and producer from Brescia, after years as a soloist, feels the need to form a band. The meeting with bassist Cristian Bona and Ylenia De Rocco on drums will give life to “Gamaar”. The project takes its name from the Parisian cinema “Le Gamaar” where, in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Inglourious Basterds”, a means of culture (cinema film) is used to fight oppression against. During 2019/2020 they play in some important festivals such as “Albori festival” and “Resta in festa” opening the concerts of Canova, the Municipal, Animatronic and Dimartino. In 2020 they win the Sanremo rock regional finals that will lead them to play on the Ariston stage at the national final. In 2021 they are rewarded by the artistic programming of some of the main clubs in Lombardy (Bloom, Ink club, Arci Bellezza and others) by winning “Atuxtour”, a tour with the aim of giving space to valid musical projects affected by the consequences of the pandemic. Interested in social and environmental issues, they spend themselves alongside the LGBTQ + community and for the anti-species movement. Enjoy Bomba!