Song of the Day: George Barnett – Nothing on the Line

Known for his flamboyant, electric performances and his big melodies, George recently released his song ‘Lovestruck’ and is now preparing for his song ‘Nothing On The Line’ – an upbeat, indie-rock track featuring George’s signature, smooth vocals. Here’s how the act introduces himself on Spotify bio: “⁃ I need to do a spotify bio ⁃ OK ⁃ i think maybe it should feel personal. no? ⁃ OK sounds good ⁃ stuff about growing up in the countryside, how i never went to school ⁃ Yes ⁃ playing all the instruments?? ⁃ Yeah great ⁃ although does anyone care ⁃ What ⁃ does anyone care about me not going to school etc ⁃ Well don’t put it in ⁃ it’s my story ⁃ True ⁃ and instruments?? ⁃ Definitely mention you play the instruments ⁃ ok. shall i include the writing and producing.. or not ⁃ I think so George. And maybe mention AntiFragile and why you signed with them ⁃ that’s label stuff tho isn’t it ⁃ ? ⁃ like, is it too boring for people ⁃ I think it’s relevant ⁃ why ⁃ Because signing with AntiFragile says a lot about you as an artist ⁃ bit shit i think ⁃ It’s not shit. They’re a forward thinking NY label who have your back ⁃ what would you say if it was you?” Enjoy the tune!