Song of the Day: Lylvc – Heirloom

The Raleigh, NC six-piece band bloomed in the midst of an emotionally turbulent 2020, when a batch of demos caught the attention of multi platinum producer Mike Plotnikoff [Halestorm, Papa Roach]. Recorded at West Valley Studios in Los Angeles run by the legendary Howard Benson [Three Days Grace, Seether]. Plotnikoff and Joe Ricard recorded, produced, and mixed the EP during October 2021 resulting in their 2022 debut EP, Perfect Drug. Here’s how the members of the band introduce themselves: “By day, a young woman hacks computer systems in order to test their security from outside threats on behalf of a financial company. By night, she fronts a genre-breaking band, fusing hard rock, hip-hop,
electronica, and alternative into a fluid, focused, and fiery hybrid of styles as unpredictable as it is undeniable. This is Lylvc, pronounced ‘Lilac’.” Enjoy Heirloom!