Song of the Day: The Big Moon – Wide Eyes

The last time you listened to The Big Moon was in January 2020 for their second album, Walking Like We Do, when life was very different. It was the coming of age album, with bold songs for Saturday nights and sad songs for Sunday mornings. So much has changed and continues to change. And in this ever-changing world, we want something familiar. Thankfully, we can continue to rely on the unique bond that holds this brilliant London band together.

Like so many other albums recently released, Here Is Everything was conceived during the lockdown, a time when the worlds of individuals were turned upside down and lives changed suddenly, while each new day was a carbon copy of the previous one. Covid was also the unlikely scenario for the arrival of a new life. Singer Juliette Jackson began the lockdown by giving fans guitar lessons on Zoom to pay their rent (including, to her amazement, a certain Courtney Love) and ended it as the mother of a tiny human.

Here is Everything documents the arrival of that baby and the simultaneous arrival of a new mother, full of excitement and fear. The rest of the band, meanwhile, worked in the studio as a single entity: starting from the embryonic structures of Jules’ songs they created some truly fantastic songs.

The album is presented today with Wide Eyes, a song that shows a band in top form having fun against all odds. Here Is Everything was mostly self-produced, with the expert guidance and experience of CECIL (Self Stima, Jehnny Beth, PJ Harvey) and Grammy-winning producer Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deer Hunter and producer of Walking Like We Do). Enjoy Wide Eyes!