Song of the Day: Turin Brakes – Isolation

21 years after their debut, Turin Brakes are back on the music scene with an eagerly awaited comeback, ‘Wide-Eyed Nowhere’, the new album arriving on September 16 on the Cooking Vinyl label. Ninth studio work, the record, despite the turmoil of the years, shows an optimistic attitude of the band: recorded at the Twin Palms Studio last summer, or in the studio in Olly Knights’ home garden, ‘Wide-Eyed Nowhere’ lets time expands in the music.
The new single, ‘Isolation’, is a song written in 2018 and talks about the will for inner peace and the acceptance of loneliness. “The song was written while I was walking on a beach on the south coast after a period of insomnia. The sun rose and turned the beach to gold. The chorus of the song jumped into my mind and we turned it into something joyful, celebrating isolation as an opportunity to restore and transcend our troubles, ”says Olly Knights. Written before the pandemic arrives, the entire The album is enveloped in a sense of bliss and a rediscovered inner peace, between acoustic guitars and warm voices. Enjoy Isolation!