Song of the Day: Iceage – All the Junk on the Outskirts

Iceage are one of the best independent bands in circulation, able like few others to revive the immortal sound that between the 80s and 90s gave us great records of Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement.

The ‘Shake the Feeling …’ collection includes music composed during the sessions of ‘Plowing Into the Field of Love’ from 2014, ‘Beyondless’ from 2018 and ‘Seek Shelter’ from last year. The title track was written during the ‘Beyondless’ sessions, but left off the record because it is too “cheerful” and different from the dark tones of the rest of the material.

Also included in the compilation will be a cover of ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’ by Bob Dylan and ‘My Mule’ by Abner Jay. At the beginning of the summer, before announcing the release of the collection, the band led by Elias Bender Rønnenfelt shared the previously unreleased ‘All the Junk on the Outskirts’, also composed during the sessions of ‘Beyondless’. Enjoy ‘All the Junk on the Outskirts’!