Song of the Day: R.Y.F. – Everything Burns (Matteo Vallicelli Rmx)

Everything Burns is the title track to the recent album by R.Y.F., stage name of the songwriter and musician Francesca Morello, released in September 2021 by Bronson Recordings, driven by the last singles Cassandra (with video with Silvia Calderoni), Normal Is Boring ( feat. So Beast), Not Going Anywhere and Don’t Panic.

Everything Burns marked the first foray into electronic music for R.Y.F., who found himself working less with the guitar and more with synthesizers and drum machines during the pandemic. Morello developed Everything Burns in parallel with his involvement in the composition and live performance of the original music for the new show by the acclaimed theater company Motus (MDLSX, Panorama, NELLA STORM). Everything Burns, in fact, takes its title, adapted in English, from the new Motus show, Tutto Brucia, already received with good feedbacks from audiences and critics.

If in the sound Everything Burns is an irresistible combo of electroclash and punk, from a thematic point of view it is a radical blend of joy and anger, winning the title of best Italian record last year on “Internazionale” and able to conquer even Skunk Anansie, who wanted R.Y.F. to open their summer concerts in our country. The fourth record to its credit, Everything Burns breaks down any gender barrier by celebrating the coexistence of complementary opposites. It is music to dance wildly, or to destroy a room with too narrow walls. Always carrying out an ideal of queer and feminist subversion. “I want people to know that they are not alone. I want them to feel part of a big family,”says R.Y.F.

A few weeks ago it was released on all digital platforms, the adventurous remix between italo-disco and dark wave of Everything Burns set the track on fire and was created by Matteo Vallicelli, active for several years in the punk scene, live drummer for The Soft Moon and many others, as well as the owner of a couple of solo works released on Captured Tracks that testify to his passion for synthetic sounds, film music and experimentation.