Song of the Day: Biig Piig – Kerosene

‘Fun’ has been Biig Piig’s first new material of 2022, and the mark of a new chapter in her life between Los Angeles and London. After the pandemic shut down Live, the nomadic singer and songwriter burst back onto the stage with a massive Glass Animals tour, dates with Jungle, and her first US tour with Emotional Oranges. Biig Piig has also continued to collaborate with trailblazing college-mates NiNE8 Collective, with ‘FUN’ following her immersive and imaginative lockdown EP – ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’ – plus collaborations alongside Metronomy (‘405’) and Emotional Oranges (‘Body & Soul’).

Biig Piig is one of modern pop’s genuine one-offs, and a young woman who has come of age across a period of experimentation and self-evaluation. From breakout track ‘Vice City’ – which dropped when she was just a teenager – to a trilogy of DIY EPs, Biig Piig has moved between genres and stories with songs that speak effortlessly of youth culture. Along the way, Biig Piig has earned a vast global audience for her instantly-identifiable sound. Here’s the new song “Kerosene”, enjoy!