Song of the Day: Sudan Archives – Selfish Soul

Singer, composer, violinist and producer, Sudan Archives is among the most interesting realities of the current music scene. Its unique and distinctive sound blends elements of R&B on the violin, African sounds with elements of experimental electronics and funk. Two years after ‘Athena’, the debut album, Sudan Archives is ready to return with ‘Natural Brown Prom Queen’, the new album arriving on September 9th again on the Stones Throw Records (Self) label, a work that faces themes of race, femininity and fiercely loyal and loving relationships, at the center of Sudan’s life with her family, friends, partner, both in her adoptive hometown of Los Angeles and in Cincinnati, where she grew up.

In over 18 tracks, Sudan Archives plays Britt, the girl next door from Cincinnati who drives around town with her hood down and shows up at the prom in a furry pink bikini and thong hanging from her denim skirt. From a first listen, one immediately perceives how ‘Natural Brown Prom Queen’ is her most ambitious record to date, between the disc and the R&B influences of ‘Home Maker’ (nominated by Pitchfork as ‘Best New Track’) to the rhythms from ‘Selfish Soul’ (‘Song You Need’ for The Fader), to the powerful hip-hop of ‘OMG Britt’ to the wild ‘NBPQ (Topless)’ and the ballad of ‘Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)’. Enjoy the tune!