Song of the Day: Titus Andronicus – An Anomaly

Titus Andronicus are a real American rock institution, formed in New Jersey (like the greats of US rock) in 2005 and to date have released seven albums with punk rock tones. The band led by Patrick Stickles is unique in its black and over the years have released albums for cult labels such as XL and Merge, have played everywhere and are followed by a well-fed fanbase. ‘The Will to Live’ is a classic Titus Andronicus-style album, full of incredible anthem rock with a clear punk attitude, fast, melodic tracks capable of grabbing the listener from the first note. This is a band at the peak of their career, professional as few and capable of pop perfection with great punk rock pieces. As usual, the music of Titus Andronicus is a rock anomaly within the punk movement, with powerful and fast tracks capable of up to seven minutes (as in the case of the new single ‘An Anomaly’). Patrick Stickles says he worked on the new album thinking of Titus as ZZ TOP era Elinator covering the Silver Jews. Enjoy the tune!