Song of the Day: Okay Kaya – Jolene From Her Own Perspective

Kaya Wilkins, known as Okay Kaya, is an American-Norwegian musician, model and actress based in New Jersey, and ‘SAP’ is her third album, second for Jagjaguwar after the excellent response from critics and audiences of ‘Watch the Liquid Pour Itself ‘of 2020 and of the very original mixtape’ The Incompatible Mixtape ‘of last year (also for Jagjaguwar). Kaya is what is called a contemporary musician, able to move with ease between modern pop and synthetic avant-garde without forgetting to make her productions unique thanks to her incredible taste for the typical arrangements of lo-fi productions. Kaya describes the new single ‘Jolene …’ as a queer anthem. “This is not a cover but a new song, a Jolene seen from her point of view. Dolly forever “. Regarding the new album, he explains: “My writing process starts with images instead of words. What if you are tree juice? How far along the stem do you have to ride before you walk away from your parents and realize that you are this person’s tear and this person’s blood? I see a vision in the eye of my mind and take it from there. Austin (videomaker and artist who helped Kaya make the new videos) has such a deep visual sensitivity. Together, we have translated many of my drawings. They became a wonderful invitation into his world. We have developed this mascot, SAP, an alternate version of itself.” Enjoy the tune!