Song of the Day: James Brandon Lewis – Someday We’ll All Be Free

Tenor saxophonist James Brandon Lewis announced ‘Eye Of I’, his ANTI- Records debut album that swaps out the extra-musical research and cerebral high concepts of his critically acclaimed ‘Jesup Wagon’ and the aesthetic manifestos of ‘An Unruly Manifesto’ for a lean power trio of tenor sax, electronic cello and drums that reaches for singable melodies and a simple punk-band-in-the-basement credo: Chasing energy. Above all else. 
On covering the song and his relationship to Hathaway’s music, Lewis says: “I have always loved Donny Hathaway, not only his voice but his piano playing, in-depth lyrical content, use of metaphor and empowerment. We both also went to Howard University. I truly learned how deep he was as a musician and about his background in classical, jazz and gospel while I was in school there. I also finally reached a point where I felt I could cover him in an honest way while still being myself. He is truly a genius.” Enjoy ‘Someday We’ll All Be Free’!