Song of the Day: Max Casacci – Messaggio di gioia

After the debut solo album “Earthphonia” (2020), made exclusively with sounds of nature and its ecosystems, the musician, experimenter and producer, Max Casacci, co-founder and guitarist of Subsonica, announces the new album “Urban Groovescapes” (Earthphonia II) coming on November 25, 2022 for 35mm, the film / experimental section of 42 Records, preceded by the song “Messaggio di gioia”-

The new album is a collection of songs composed exclusively of the recordings and manipulations of the sounds of the city. A sound experience without musical instruments, focused on rhythm. A stimulus to re-read the relationship with urban space, through new efforts of collective imagination.

Nature has “sounds”, the city of “noises”. But is it really so? Or perhaps the sound imprints of urban space, those that accompany us throughout our life, contain something that belongs to us deeply?

“Urban Groovescapes” is a game to reveal, an invitation to dance, an acoustic centrifuge that ideally blends together sound stimuli, voices, rituals, consumer products, myths, sports, conflicts, places and desires of the city.

To insert, in preview, this journey through the city and its transformations is the song “Messaggio di gioia”, a track in which the public transport of Milan and Turin exchange an eco-sustainable message of joy: “Stazione Gioia”. The bell of the tram becomes a bass and, played backwards, also transforms itself into an imaginary metropolitan harmonium. The exchanges of the tracks, the hiss of the folding doors, the mechanical noises, the acoustic signals and the electronic voices offer everything you need to dance immersed in the sounds of everyday life. The city is transformed by play, and by provocation, into a luminous space for dance, escaping for a few minutes the imperative of the gray automatism of decay, with which music flirts out of habit. Enjoy the tune!