Song of the Day: Kuni – Sleep Baby

Kuni is short for Kunimitsu, one of the main characters of the hugely popular video game Tekken. From an early age Eleonora Danese was obsessed with Japanese culture, so much so that she earned a degree in East Asian Languages ​​and Cultures, specializing in Korean and Japanese, and lived for a short time in Tokyo in 2013.

After listening to all the music she could for nearly twenty years, Kuni wrote her first songs in 2019 and they immediately felt like a good combination of her artistic influences: melancholy lyrics, sweet melodies and punk-rock aspirations. For her first works she collaborated with Golden Years, a well-known Italian producer who helped her find the final form of her songs.

The first fruit of this collaboration is “Sleep Baby”, the visiting card chosen by Kuni to introduce himself to the public and the first song of his debut EP soon to be released. It’s a nostalgic lullaby, with dreamy indie-pop sounds full of pristine voices and elegant and timeless melodies.

Speaking of the song, Kuni explains: «All my songs are born from attempts at the piano. I sit down, look for the chords that seem to sound better and then I improvise a text that sooner or later becomes the final one. This also happened with “Sleep Baby”. It was a pretty quick job and I was very, very happy with it because, to be honest, “Sleep Baby” is one of the first songs I was able to write from start to finish – I have a lot of unfinished work in my archives. . It was precious to me. I felt it as an encouragement to keep doing what I was doing. ” Enjoy the tune!