Song of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I Killed Captain Cook

Ruban Nielson’s creature in recent years has become one of the most influential realities of the international independent scene, with hundreds of plays on streaming services and albums and singles in the charts all over the world.

The news of the new album and single also anticipate the tour that the band will do in 2023 with dates in the states and England.

In the video of the new song, Ruban’s mother is seen in a vintage shot. The passage talks about the murder of Captain James Cook from the perspective of the Hawaiian who killed him, Ruban’s tribute to his mother who used to tell him this story. The British explorer James Cook in the second half of the 1700s was responsible for the colonization and the beginning of the exploitation of Polynesia, he was killed by the indigenous population after trying to kidnap their leader. Enjoy the tune of Unknown Mortal Orchestra!