Song of the Day: Yo La Tengo – Fallout

Time passes and things change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t react. Yo La Tengo have been racing against time for nearly four decades and continue to win. The trio’s latest win is called This Stupid World, an enchanting series of thoughtful songs that resist the tick of the clock. This music is not so much timeless, but rather capable of defying time. “I want to get out of time” sings Ira Kaplan in ‘Fallout’ “Go back, relax”.

Part of how Kaplan, Georgia Hubley, and James McNew escape time is to watch it go by, accepting it when needed. Of course, times have changed for Yo La Tengo as for everyone else. In the past, the band has often worked with external producers and sound engineers, while they made This Stupid World completely on their own. Their judgment is solid and proven enough to maintain the band’s high standards and agile enough to create new things. Enjoy the tune!