Song of the Day: Dave Rowntree – Tape Measure

Following earlier previews with ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Devil’s Island,’ Dave Rowntree, co-founder and drummer of Blur since 1989, releases ‘Tape Measure,’ the new single taken from ‘Radio Songs,’ the solo project coming January 20 on the Cooking Vinyl label.

‘Tape Measure’ is a track that dives into the melting pot of sounds that Rowntree accumulates from his passion for radio stations around the world, to create a distinctive Bollywood soundtrack trait in a colorful, rhythm-filled melody.

“Anxiety – an unpleasant emotion of inner turmoil and dread. We’re fundamentally herd animals, whose main defensive tactic is running away and hiding. We’ve no sharp claws or teeth to fight with. So we’re over sensitized to danger. We see shapes in the shadows, faces in the fire. Disaster always lurks on the gray edges of our consciousness. On the upside, come the zombie apocalypse, we anxious people will already be in hiding, leaving all you smug normies to have your brains eaten.” – Dave Rowntree on ‘Tape Measure’.

‘Radio Songs’ is a record destined to surprise many people, ranging from electronic to tracks rich with orchestral presences and melodies provided by the vocal and expressive performances of Rowntree, for the first time also as a full-fledged singer.

Produced by Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Ghospoet, Wild Beats) with co-authors including Gary Go and Högni Egilsson and exciting orchestrations recorded in Budapest, ‘Radio Songs’ is an expansive but also deeply personal sonic record. Enjoy the tune!