Song of the Day: Malibu Hot Flush – Make It Matter

A song vibrant with energy, the first piece of a new musical project to be discovered. Make It Matter is the first single from Malibu Hot Flush. The perfect song to introduce the new musical duo consisting of singer and guitarist Luigi Tiberio and British modular artist Tim Bleasdale.

Malibu Hot Flush was born spontaneously in the studio, where the two musicians met to play together in a series of adrenaline-fueled jam sessions for the sole purpose of having fun and relieving tension. Their music has since taken an increasingly defined shape and direction, has grown and is now ready to bear its first fruit, Make It Matter, which well represents the coming together of the two artistic worlds of Tiberius and Bleasdale, coming from different musical backgrounds but able to blend perfectly with each other.
Bleasdale’s modular synths push the track in a surprising direction that forces the boundaries of genres. A unique modular system, experimental and analog, and therefore anarchic and unpredictable, that creates the perfect basis for Tiberio’s lyrics and guitar improvisations, in a sonic layering with almost cinematic crescendos. What results is a sound capable of mixing elements of electronica with rock, post-punk, new wave, euro disco, indie, techno and industrial, and whose precise intent is to unleash the listener, inviting him or her to be swept away by the power of the MHF-branded sound. Enjoy the tune!