Song of the Day: Cosmo – La verità

“It was around 8 a.m., August 2021. A free party. There had been dancing since the day before. Suddenly a phrase, a melody, starts hammering in my head. ‘THE TRUTH IS THAT WE ARE FINE AND WE LIKE BEING TOGETHER LIKE THIS.’ I ask if I can take the microphone to try to spit it out. I do. It comes out as a moment between demented and romantic. That refrain, however, gets into my heart. And not just to me. I decide to include it in the tour lineup. I prepare a slow version of it and try to get the audience to sing it. And it happens that from a half-secret party those words end up being sung by thousands of people. Concert after concert that refrain seems more and more familiar to those in attendance. I get to work and try to make a complete song out of it.” – Cosmo tells.

La verità is about sharing, being together, bending time and space to the happiness of one’s body. Leaving out tensions, anxieties, work and reconnecting with oneself. In Gabriele Bertotti’s video clip, now on Youtube, there is all this and there is a community that gathers, lives, pulses and…. dances.

The track was co-produced by Cosmo himself together with Not Waving (Ecstatic Recordings), a highly respected Italian musician and producer based in London and a longtime friend of Cosmo‘s with whom he had already collaborated at the time of Drink to Me. The mix and master was done, as always, by Andrea Suriani. THE TRUTH represents a kind of appendix to La terza estate dell’amore, Cosmo‘s latest album. Enjoy the tune!