Song of the Day: Kieiy – Right When The Sun Rises

Kiey takes inspiration from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears, Utada Hikaru, Bjork, Troye Sivan etc. Together, they helped shaping Kiey’s own soundscape: a marriage between the melancholic melodies and the heavy beats of the dance-floor. Following up from his dark-coloured debut album in 2019 “Night To Myself”, Kiey continued to make a brighter counterpart to it in 2020-2021. That process resulted in this bright, cinematic and uplifting record containing 12 tracks of electro-pop galore. The ethereal single of the same name “Sunday Sanctuary” taken from the album was first released on July 9th, 2021 and had since amassed more than 1 million streams on all platforms. Discussing the EP’s title track, Kiey shares: “Sunday Sanctuary at its core is about the serenity and happiness of spending time with loved ones on a Sunday. The lyrical content describes the feeling of exhaustion after a busy week of work and the joy of spending the whole of Sunday with someone: be it a lover or a family member doing various mundane activities (taking walks, shopping, drinking coffee etc). It’s also one of my personal favourites on the album!” Enjoy Right When The Sun Rises!